Friday, March 8, 2013

dragon face mask

So, one of the things that Bear Scouts get to do is make an animal mask.  (Elective 10b) I figure that since it doesn't say that it has to be a real animal that a dragon mask would be fun to do for den meeting.  Here is what I came up with (with some help from a dragon face I found online a long time ago...)

Here's my Bear Scout wearing the dragon mask... = )

 First, the black and white patterns for those who like to color:

and here is the colored one I did:

here is the cutting and folding lines pattern:

for the straight score (folding) lines, use a stylus and a ruler.  For the slightly curby lines (under the lips) just free-hand it with the stylus.

now for the instructions:

 glue the two horn pieces together.  Don't get glue on the bottom tabs.

 insert the horn up through the slit between the nostrils.  I think that the horn should be farther forward that I have it here.... move it up if you want. = )

 Turn it over and glue down the flaps on the horn.

 Fold this flap down then glue it under the right side...

 so now it looks like this:

 glue the top flaps down so that they are overlapping like this:

 Fold the sides down.

Turn the mouth piece over.  Since it was hard to see, I outlined the top and the fold line.  Glue the nose to this piece.

 hopefully you can see the placement.

 Once the glue dries, it looks like this.

 Now glue the mouth over to the side like this.

 Notice how the curve of the mouth is lined up with the fold on the side of the nose...

 Turn it over and fold along the score lines.

 Glue one on top of the other like this:  Trim any overhang if necessary.

 For the eyes, I drew red lines on the picture to show where exactly to cut.  Where the arrows are pointing there are tiny black dots.  You cut along the line to the black dot.

 Slide the eyes into place.  First one side then the other.  Then center the eyes over the nose.

This is what the back side looks like after the eyes are put in place.

 Tape this tab down.  (It's easier than glue)

 Here is the side view of your assembled dragon mask.  The two holes on the side are for string or elastic. Put a piece of tape on the back side to strengthen the hole before using a hand hole punch.

I didn't have elastic handy so I used some string.  It still works. = )  The string goes around the ear.

My sad attempt to fancy it up. = )

This is the picture I used as inspiration for my mask.  (my sister was curious.. )  

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  1. We made these for our dragon themed Blue and Gold banquet and they looked so great on the boys as they paraded in! Thank you!