Saturday, July 27, 2013

little wood dolls

Here are my written directions.  I don't really have a photo tutorial for this one.  If anyone wants one, I can do that. = )

 Here is the wig.  You can see where it fits on the head.
                                                         Here is the dress from the top.

Here is the dress from the bottom.

Here is the doll disassembled.  I glue the wig on but my girls wanted to be able to change the clothes so I didn't glue the dress on.  The wood piece was purchased at Michales in packages of two.  Sometime I need to come up with a prince...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Paper-Punch Art

Many years ago when my son (he was 8 at the time) was going through Chemo for Leukemia I would channel my stress through scrapbooking and by creating paper-punch art.  I thought that I'd share those patterns with you. = )

Paper-Punch Art - Zoo

Paper-Punch Art - Window Box

Paper-Punch Art - Wedding

Paper-Punch Art - Snow House

I found the original and took a picture of it so you can see what the whole thing looks like... = )

 Once again the right side of the image got cut off... there is a snowman there... The Jacket and Umbrella patterns are from an alphabet book I did...

Paper-Punch Art - 4 seasons

Paper-Punch Art - Sea World

I found my pages for this!  Thanks to my digital camera here are some photo's of this page so you can see all of it...

Unfortunately, I don't have my photo editing software on my new laptop so I can't crop and pretty up these photo's....

Ok, So, this is a very old file and the right side got cut off when the file was being changed to a new type of file.  There was a walrus on a rock on the right side.... Probably a crab somewhere too..  With a dolphin hanging around.. maybe a floating otter too.

Paper-Punch Art - School House

Paper-Punch art - Santa

Paper-Punch art - pizza party

Paper-Punch art - Noah's Ark

Please ignore the flash and the reflection from the window....