Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ice skates door decoration wood craft

Here is what will hang on my door this winter...

and here is the pattern:

I am thinking about offering the cut wood and finished products for some of the wood crafts I have posted on my blog... would anyone be interested?  I would probably have to go through Etsy...

ok, here you go.. = )

If you would like to purchase the cut wood for this project you can do that here:

If you would like to purchase the finished product, you can do that here:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby It'sCold Outside wood craft

This is a total Pinterest knock off..

The snowflake came from Hobby Lobby..  it has a round base and a 3/8" dowel. 
 Both the base and the dowel are painted the same color as the snowman hat: Apple Barrel - Pavement.  The snowman and snowflake are painted light ivory.  
The snowman nose is Americana - Persimmon. (Just because that was the only orange I had)
The sign is painted Apple Barrel - Medium Gray.  The sign is washed with light ivory then sanded when dry.

Here is the wood pattern.  This is the snowman I found on Pinterest but mine looks a little different...

valentine wood craft conversation hearts

Wood craft for next Valentines Day (2015). 

I painted them with light ivory first, then with 
Folk Art - Baby Pink 633
Apple Barrel - Lemon Chiffon 20584
 Craft Smart - Lush Foilage  
                                                                   (which is the same as FolkArt Fresh Foilage)

wood pattern

vinyl pattern