Sunday, June 1, 2014

halloween crafts

Witch boots

These are cuter than they look....

This looks better as a background piece...


pattern with the pinterest picture.  
The Eyes and nose are cut out of thin 1/4"ish pine.  The body is 2 x 4.  The legs are wire..

Poison Bottles

This pattern includes paper corks...

I purchased the bottles here:
and I used these particular bottles:

Bstn Rnd Amber 4 oz. (BRA4)
Bstn Rnd Amber 8 oz. (BRA8)
Strgt sided 9 oz. Amber jar CS-12 (SS9A)
gp Packer Glass  Amber 60cc w/ blk lid (GPA60B)
GP Packer Glass Amber 250cc w/ Blk lid

The bottles with shipping will cost around  $10
All of these bottles come with lids but I didn't use them for this..

I found some corks here:
but I haven't ordered any because it was going to cost another $10 (including shipping).  It's been a few weeks since I visited the site and the corks I had put in my cart that I thought would fit the bottles are no longer in the cart... (I didn't want to figure it all out again)  I figured that my paper corks are fine for this since there isn't actually anything in the bottles and if I do put anything in there, it won't be liquid.  And I can always buy corks later.. = )

Here are some altered book ideas and patterns:

I printed them onto cardstock then cut them out.  I used a pencil to trace the cut out cardstock pattern onto the back of the book page.  I then used a thin placemat as a cutting mat.  

Believe Christ wood and vinyl craft

This is from a talk by Stephen E Robinson called 
Believing Christ: A Practical Approach to the Atonement.  
It can be found here:

Here is the font info for those of you with vinyl cutting machines..
My friend just scanned this in and cut it with her machine for me.  She said it was easier than trying to re-create it with the fonts..