Friday, June 29, 2012

crocheted leaf

So I found another really cool crochet thing on Pinterest with no clear directions..(they were written in Russian...)  My version is not exactly like the one I copied but it's close. 

First, the written directions and a few diagrams...

Here is my leaf on the left and a picture of the leaf on Pinterest on the right...

                                 What I did with the leaves I made while trying to figure them out!

           Sugar Scrub                  Facial Cleanser          Timeless Facial Serum          Timeless Cream

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My new church bag

It's big enough to hold the quiet books, the other books, the quiet toys and the baggie of Cheerios!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

crocheted cardigan..revised..

ok. So I saw this fabulous cardigan on Pinterest but it is an Asian pattern posted on a Russian blog..  Google Chrome's translator wasn't much help so I tried to figure it out...

Since posting this (I know, I should have double checked this before posting it originally.. sorry ) I have noticed several differences in my diagrams and the picture... I think this fixes all that..  

New border pattern... this one works better.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

crocheted crocodile stitch flower tutorial

I realized that my previous instructions for the flower and pincushion needed some help..  I had a bit of yarn left over so I decided to make another flower and photograph as I went along..  First, though, I wrote up the pattern so it's easier to follow - I hope...
 I used smaller yarn for the center.  I used a 2.5 mm hook.

 for the flower, I used a larger yarn and a 3.0 mm hook.  The photos start with the end of row 3 - showing how to do row 4.
                                                            Starting Row 4

                          In case your wondering, the stitch used for the petals is called the crocodile stitch.

you might notice that my finished flower only has 7 petals while the instructions have you make 10 (or 11... I don't know how that happened..).. I didn't have enough yarn to make all the petals so I reduced row 1 to 7  (dc, ch 1)'s.  All the other rows are the same.  For the center I just eliminated row 4.    I think I like the 7 petal version better than the 11 petal one....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crocheted Flower Pin Cushion

Crocheted Flower Pin Cushion

Written directions and diagram...
                                 Here are the flower parts with the top and bottom views of the center.

 Flower with regular center

Pincushion with raised center.   To make it taller, do 6 rows of straight single crochet instead of 3..