Saturday, December 15, 2012

my crocheted rose

My new favorite crocheted rose.  I like this one because you don't make a long string of petals then have to roll it up just right then sew the bottom.  This one works in a spiral back and forth until it's done.

Here are the written instructions.

and even better instructions....

 I am sorry this picture is blurry.  This is at the completion of the 94 single crochets worked in BLO (back loop only).  You can see the unworked loops if you look hard..   Now you chain 1 and turn.

Working in the back loop only, single crochet around one full row..

For the next two rows around do the half-double crochet stitch.  These stitches are worked in the unworked loops from the original 94 single crochet stitches.   This photo is at the end of the half-double crochet stitches.

Finish out the rest of the unworked loops with double crochet.  Don't miss any in there.. they can be kinda hard to see.  Chain 1 and turn.

Now you start the petals.  This picture is of the first petal finished.

Do a total of about 11 of the first petal.  You can do another one if you want...

Finish out the rose with the larger petals.  This picture shows the last petal complete.

 Turn the flower over and slip stitch the petal down to the 3rd unworked loop...

 so that it now looks like this on the back. = )

 All done!

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