Friday, December 7, 2012

8 pointed paper star Christmas ornament

here is a pattern for an 8 pointed Christmas star.  It measures just over 5" wide/tall.  You can enlarge or reduce it to make the size you want.

Score all the fold lines on the star points.

I ran the star points through an embossing folder.  I should have pre-folded the pieces before embossing them....

This is the first star point folded.  the two top folds go under, the two bottom folds fold forward.

glue the folded under tabs to the bottom of the base.  Glue them one at a time and make sure they hug the base along the sides.

Here is what the first star point looks like glued to the base.  Working to the right of the first star point, glue the rest of them down as follows (always going to the right).

glue the left side tab down as shown.

Turn the star over to the front.  Make sure the new star point is above the tab from the previous star point.   Put glue on the tab and glue the new star point to it.

You'll need to hold it for a minute until the glue dries.

Turn it over and glue the second tab to the back side, making sure that the tabs fit up next to the base.

Two points done!  Follow the same order for gluing the tabs down as you used for the second petal.

The last petal...

Glue one side of the bottom tabs down.  Then glue the top down to the tabs on either side.  Then glue the other bottom tab down.

self gripping tweezers are helpful here... = )

All done!  Glue a bead or button or something in the center to cover up the hole in the middle.

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