Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Joining yarn ends...

I found this amazing technique on Pinterest  and you can check it out here.
I had a really hard time getting it right consistently so I simplified it and it works now every time!  Here's how I do it:
First, you take your two ends and hold them together.  The pink yarn is what I'm joining to the green yarn...

then, wrap the pink yarn around your thumb ONCE.  (In the video she has you wrap your thumb twice)

then wrap the pink yarn in front of the ends ...

fold the ends over the yarn you just wrapped in front

hold the ends snug against the tail of the green yarn.  Slip your thumb out of the loop.

hold the ends snugly with the green tail then start to pull the pink yarn, (so this is obviously a bad picture because I don't have a good grip on the green end...)

make sure the pink loop stays down around the folded over ends

pull tight!

snip the ends and it's all done!

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  1. Hello. I came here after seeing your tip on YT - just tried it your way with one loop and it worked (of course) even after cutting off the excess - Ill keep practising to get a smaller knot - thanks for the tip :)