Monday, June 6, 2016

Face Powder - DIY

     My daughter and I have been looking for more natural ways to take care of ourselves and she wanted to make face powder to replace the stuff we buy from the store.  The good thing about making your own facial powder is that you can match it to your skin tone.. also, you know what is actually in the powder!
The large brown container on the left matches my daughter's skin tone.. it's her regular face powder.  The darker powder on the top is her contour powder.  The one on the bottom right is mine and matches my skin tone.  We had fun mixing these up and helping each other get the color just right!

Here are the ingredients in the powders we made:
We both started with a base of Arrowroot powder- about 2 Tbs .  Since I have a very oily forehead (this is why I even use powder) I put a bit of White French Clay in mine - about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp.  

The Cocoa makes the powder brown and the cloves make it pink..  Start with a bit of each and stir it really well.  Use a spoon to make sure the clumps are broken up. Continue adding cocoa and/or cloves to adjust the color of the powder.  If you get it too dark just add more arrowroot powder.  = )  Since all these ingredients are relatively cheap,  you can always dump it and start over. 

I bought the hibiscus powder to make blush but it seems to be more brown than pink so my daughter uses it in her contour powder.

Whatever ingredients you can't find at the grocery store you can get on Amazon.  = )

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