Monday, November 9, 2015

Healer's Touch

Check out this salve:

"The name of this product should be Healer's Miracle because I just witnessed a miracle with it! I am a high functioning quadriplegic without the use of my legs and impaired hands and fingers. But, I am very independent. While I was cooking a hamburger patty on the stove I knocked the pan of boiling grease into my lap. I quickly poured a bottle of room temperature filtered water, over my clothes to try to stop the burning and then went to get undressed. I found a dark red burn on my thigh. I have burned myself several times and I am sure it would have been 2nd degree. Within about three minutes I was able to get some Healer's Touch on the sore. Almost immediately the red started getting lighter and within 30 minutes the skin on my leg was completely back to normal. I can't comment on the sting because I don't have feeling in my legs. But wow, this product is an absolute miracle! Everyone should have it in their first aid kit."
-Diane Smith, KY


Last week my son went to scout camp.  I sent sunscreen with him but he obviously didn't put it on his legs...  His legs got horribly sunburned so we rubbed aloe vera jell all over them for about a week..  Then I finally figured out how to bandage them so I could effectively use Healer's Touch on it.  So, after a week of using Aloe Vera Jell on his legs, this is what they looked like:

This picture doesn't do justice to just how bad his legs were..

Then I gooped Healer's Touch all over:

and wrapped it in paper-towels and packing tape:
This was done Friday evening at around 9:47ish...

I tried to get him to leave it on for 24 hours but he only lasted until 8:30 the next night.
I used scissors to cut off the paper-towel bandage then carefully wiped off the Healer's Touch.  It looks so much better!  I should have taken another picture after his shower...  His legs are doing so much better and now a few days later (it's June 25th at this writing) his legs are just pink and no longer sore.  No more peeling no more pain.  

If I had figured out the paper-towel packing-tape bandage I would have done this as soon as the heat left his sunburn.  Hopefully there won't be a next time..

I have used this salve for a while now (over a year) and I love it. It helps heal cuts, scrapes, dry skin, burns, etc... it's amazing. = )

Since it contains Calendula and Frankincense consult with your doctor if you are nursing or pregnant before using.

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