Sunday, June 1, 2014

halloween crafts

Witch boots

These are cuter than they look....

This looks better as a background piece...


pattern with the pinterest picture.  
The Eyes and nose are cut out of thin 1/4"ish pine.  The body is 2 x 4.  The legs are wire..

Poison Bottles

This pattern includes paper corks...

I purchased the bottles here:
and I used these particular bottles:

Bstn Rnd Amber 4 oz. (BRA4)
Bstn Rnd Amber 8 oz. (BRA8)
Strgt sided 9 oz. Amber jar CS-12 (SS9A)
gp Packer Glass  Amber 60cc w/ blk lid (GPA60B)
GP Packer Glass Amber 250cc w/ Blk lid

The bottles with shipping will cost around  $10
All of these bottles come with lids but I didn't use them for this..

I found some corks here:
but I haven't ordered any because it was going to cost another $10 (including shipping).  It's been a few weeks since I visited the site and the corks I had put in my cart that I thought would fit the bottles are no longer in the cart... (I didn't want to figure it all out again)  I figured that my paper corks are fine for this since there isn't actually anything in the bottles and if I do put anything in there, it won't be liquid.  And I can always buy corks later.. = )

Here are some altered book ideas and patterns:

I printed them onto cardstock then cut them out.  I used a pencil to trace the cut out cardstock pattern onto the back of the book page.  I then used a thin placemat as a cutting mat.  

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