Monday, March 17, 2014

secret agent blue and gold scout dinner - pack meeting

For our Blue and Gold banquet / Pack Meeting we did Secret Agent...  Here's what we did:

Here are the  patterns for the invitations...

I used a brown bag color ink pad to color the envelope for the key.. (the key goes in the envelope)  The text on the left gets folded into thirds and put in the pocket with the key envelope.  The invitation part gets stapled inside the folder but on top of the pocket... 

Here is a picture of the completed invitation.

That night:  
our Secret Agent Director sent the boys and their younger siblings up the stairs to the stage through the "lazer beam" maze. 

once on the stage, the Agents were fingerprinted and given a badge (from the dollar store)   Then they went down the stairs on the other side of the stage through more "lazer beams" and then into the gym.

Here are the badges.  I either took pictures or had parents e-mail me pictures of their kids that would be attending the banquet.  For those whose picture I took, they wore sunglasses.  The others I had to photoshop them on.  The kids were all fingerprinted then the sheet was folded in half then put it in an ID badge holder.

Here is my daughter with her's.

For the table decorations, we took pictures of all the scouts with the same hat and sunglasses on in profile.  I cut them out of some 1/4" press board.  (you could also use foam board or card stock)  We labeled all the profiles with digital numbers and one of the pre-banquet activities was trying to figure out which profile belonged to which scout.  When the night was over the scoutookts got to take their profile home along with the table decorations around their profile.  

This is the desert table.  The eating tables all had black tablecloths. Desert was cupcakes topped with a chocolate doughnut hole (bomb) with a 4" piece of pull-and-peel licorice (the fuse) stuck in the top.  

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