Monday, January 27, 2014

crochet hat class handouts

So, for church our ladies group  (The Relief Society) wants to crochet hats for the homeless and I was asked to help teach it.. so here are the handouts.  They are designed to be printed on paper that is 5.5" x 7" but you can do them any size you want.   = )

The first 4 pages of directions come from here:

The rest come from me. = )

(I just realized a huge omission on my part....  for most of these hats, they are made out of the Peaches and Cream type yarn and used a hook probably 4 mm or 4.5 mm.  the only (?) exception is the ladies hat with brim and I think the yarn was a bit finer than the peaches and cream and I used a smaller hook... probably 3 mm or 3.5 mm... It was so long ago that I made these ...!)


  1. Your diagrams are very nice! I like how they clearly define what loop to insert the hook into and what direction, which is often missing in basic learn to crochet diagrams in my experience. I'm going to teach some folks to crochet and I will be referring them to your blog for the great diagrams!

  2. I'm so glad you like it! = )