Monday, July 30, 2012

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful pop up card

Here is a picture of one of my pop-up cards.  I included a pattern for another one that is done the same way.

Hopefully the patterns will copy and print for you the correct size.  
They each fit on an 8.5 x 11 piece of card-stock.  
Each finished card will fit inside a 5.5 x 8.5 (half a page) piece of card-stock.

This can be put on the front of the card.  I put most of my effort into the inside of the card, not the front....  For my convenience, I put 4 to a page when printing these front pieces out.  I tend to mass produce my cards so I have some on hand.

Here is a similar pattern for Bloom Where you're Planted.  It is created the same way as the Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful card.

This is the general directions for a cylinder-pull card.  The only extra steps that you need to do is to cut the flower out and put it on the back side of the mirror opposite one.  Then there is obviously the fold that pokes the flower(s)) up through the center of the "mound".   I hope this all makes sense!

If there is still confusion,  I can put together a photo tutorial...  if enough people express interest... = )

please ignore the copywright.  You may copy and make as many of these as you want.  If you make a profit from selling them, then please share. = )


  1. These are so nice, can i print these on the Plastic cards?

  2. Really lovely cards . I am sure they will love them.. Have you ever see the Pop-Up Card. I found them on google, their website : You can view too many design from this website.