Thursday, November 9, 2017


As you may have guessed, I own  a shop on Etsy that sells natural products for skin care. 

My daughter took this picture of me with my phone.  The only make-up I am wearing is a bit of eye liner and some mascara.   I am one month short of my 50th birthday here.  (I am also wearing Tinted Lip Balm..)

 I don't usually wear my hair down (I can't stand it on my neck or getting in my face!) so I wear it twisted up in back.  
I think my skin looks pretty good for being almost 50 years old!

The two main products I use on my face are the Facial Cleanser,

                  and the Timeless Cream.                    

I wash my face twice a day - morning and night.  I used to not wash my face at night because I don't wear make-up so why bother... but then I learned that while we sleep is when our skin repairs itself and if our face is dirty, it can only repair around the dirt.. so now I also wash my face every night before going to bed.  I can definitely tell a difference since washing my face twice a day!  I use the Timeless Cream in the morning.   

The Timeless Cream is good for more than just your face!  In my experience it has helped to heal chapped and dry skin, soothed skin irritation and has worked wonders on my feet!  I also use it on the backs of my hands and arms, throat, and neck.  I think it's an amazing product!

This also gets used regularly... = )

How did I get interested in natural products?  Well, it started when my little girl brought pink-eye home from her friend's house.  The prescription worked fine for her and my other daughter but for the rest of us, well, it didn't work.  After fighting it for a month I went on-line looking for a natural remedy.  I found several and FINALLY we got rid of it (It contained, among other things,  lime juice and a strongly brewed chamomile tea.  It stung like crazy!).  I learned that there are better ways to get and stay well.  

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  1. Hi, pretty picture, doesn't look 50 though.. I am two years above 50 and I too take care of skin with natural products...